Pocket Option ranks 1 among 21 companies featured in the TU Ranking, which is based on the evaluation of 100+ criteria and a test on how to open an account.

Pocket Option is an unregulated broker focused on cooperating with professional traders who do not need training or additional bonuses.

The Pocket Option broker is part of Gembell Limited holding, which was founded by a group of professionals seasoned in trading and investment activities. The company is mass-market requirements-based, therefore, it provides quality services to binary options trading in the OTC market access. The broker strives to make the trading process as simple, clear, and convenient as possible. For this reason, Pocket Option has developed a unique trading platform to ensure stable trading for traders and investors.

 👍  Account currency: USD

🚀 Minimum deposit: $5

🔧 Instruments: Currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrency, OTC (currency, commodities, stocks)

👍 Advantages of trading with Pocket Option:

  • low threshold for entering the market; the first deposit starts at $5;
  • social trading platform generates passive income.

👎 Disadvantages of Pocket Option:

  • not licensed by any reputable regulator;
  • to trade Forex through MetaTrader 5, you need to deposit at least $1,000;
  • identity and phone verification are mandatory;
  • lacks quality training;
  • all accrued bonuses expire when an application for funds withdrawal is made if the conditions for increasing the trade turnover are not met;
  • withdrawal procedure is too slow;
  • Support service responds within 24-48 hours, which is also too slow.

Pocket Option Advantages Review

Let’s take a look at some of the main draws of using Pocket Option’s platform for binary options brokers. 

Minimum Deposit

One of the great benefits of using Pocket Option’s website is that there is a low minimum deposit required to start trading on their site–just $5. Other brokers will require you to make a large minimum deposit to start trading, though Pocket Option makes it highly accessible for people to trade binary options with low amounts of capital. The platform includes all of the standard payment methods.

Social Trading

The social trading aspect of Pocket Option allows traders to track and copy the trades from other traders around the world within 10 seconds of their execution. This allows users with any type of account to replicate winning strategies for themselves. There are many functionalities with this social trading feature that allow binary options traders to specialize the trades for their own needs. 

Once a trader makes a profitable trade, they can also broadcast their trading signals to others on Pocket Option. 

Demo Account

While Pocket Option is a great choice for the most experienced traders’ deals, there is still a learning element that newer investors can enjoy with the free demo account functionality and trading with virtual money. 

Instead of investing real money, this allows traders to practice trading and trying out new strategies before going live with them in a real account. With this, you can explore the functionalities of the site without actually losing any money during the process. So even if you aren’t the most seasoned with binary options trading, you can still get to know the site and hone your skills with a free demo account on the Pocket Option platform before opening a live account. 

Tournaments, Contests, and Offers for Clients

Pocket Option is a highly interactive site, making it fun and interesting compared to other trading platforms. Customers can earn bonuses through tournaments, contests, and other offers in order to boost their earnings and find new ways to monetize their assets. 


Another great benefit is the payouts Pocket Option has, which are some of the high payouts paid to users’ bank accounts. With this, the company’s clients are paid up to 92%, taking little for fees and other costs. Plus, users can also earn a payout percentage bonus for extra ways to earn. 

No Commission On Deposits & Withdrawal

Pocket Option is a great choice because users don’t pay a commission on deposits or withdrawals. So, there are no hidden trading fees to deposit money to replenish your account or when withdrawing funds from it. All your funds will be accessible to you at no additional cost.

Pocket Option Account Types

Now we can take a look at the different trading account types that are available on the Pocket Option website.

Pocket Option Novice Trader Account

This account is good for beginners and supports traders with a balance of less than $100. There is also a transaction limit of no more than $1,000. 

Pocket Option Experienced Trader Account

The next level up is the Experienced Trader Account, with a starting balance of $1,000 and access to a wider option for market positionings. Plus, there is an option to improve your profitability. 

Pocket Option Master Trader Account

With a Master Trader Account, there is a 4% boost in profitability possible, and the initial deposit must be $5,000 at least. There are other additional perks to having this account, though the most that can be spent on a single trade is $2,000. 

Pocket Option Professional Trader Account

Other brokers may want the Professional Trader Account, which has a minimum initial deposit of $15,000, and a 6% lift in profitability. There is a $3,000 cap for what can be spent on a single transaction, and other prioritized features as well. 

Pocket Option Expert Trader Account

There are trading advantages to having an Expert Trader Account. This is typically used by professionals, requiring a minimum initial investment of $50,000 into the account. There is a rise in profitability of 8% for account users, among other perks. Plus, there is a higher priority for money withdrawal requests, premium gifts, and personal discounts. 

Pocket Option MT5 Forex Account

The MT5 Forex Account is eligible to users with at least $1,000 in their account. This allows users to trade foreign currencies and speculate on the markets outside of their demo account. 

Pocket Option Islamic Account

Pocket Option will automatically allow for Islamic Accounts of all types, meaning there is no separate sign-up process if you want an Islamic Account. So those who are of the Islamic faith and need to comply with Sharia law can simply select the swap-free option. This makes them exempt from certain interest or overnight fees.

Geographic Distribution of Pocket Option Traders

Let’s take a final look at Pocket Option to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Is Pocket Option Right For You?

So is Pocket Option one of the best trading platforms for binary options brokers? Given the capabilities of the site and the vast array of different account types available, it’s a good fit for those who are more professionally trained and familiar with the financial markets. 

There aren’t a ton of educational materials or courses available on Pocket Option, though it is a reliable company with great analysis tools and trading instruments to help you make profitable trading when you know what you’re doing. 

Cost Value 

There is a low minimum deposit required to get started on Pocket Option’s site, which makes it cost-effective for other traders who don’t have a ton of capital to get started. Plus, there are high payout percentages and low commissions, meaning it does have great cost value for users. Pocket Option accepts many different payment methods as well, which makes it even more accessible to users all around the world. 

Customer Service

Many customer reviews point out poor customer service available to Pocket Option users. So if you will require a lot of assistance or quick service is important to you, you may want to select a different mobile trading platform for options trading. 

Ease of Use

Pocket Options is easy to use, though it is better reserved for professionals who are familiar with binary trading. But, as a binary options broker, it is generally user-friendly and offers additional ways for customers to earn on their trades with the social aspect. 

Additionally, there is a Pocket Option mobile trading app where you can simply make trades on your phone like many other mobile apps. 

Included Features

There are many special features Pocket Option offers, especially its social trading features that allow you to replicate the successful trades of other top traders. Plus, the automated trading features allow you to set up triggers and signals to automatically act on a trade, even when you’re not directly on the platform. 


So even though they don’t have a lot of training or learning materials for newcomers, the demo trading capabilities mean you can try out different binary options trading types for free with the demo account button. Plus, the low minimum withdrawal and deposit requirements mean it’s accessible to people no matter what amount of capital they have.